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Savvy homeschoolers want to know what others think. Here is just some of the positive feedback we have received over the years.

I highly recommend it

"You really can get alot out of [My School Year] and it is very affordable. I highly recommend it. We'll be using it."

Shelley D.

Easily create and print individual lesson plans

"I especially like that I will be able to easily create and print individual lesson plans for my students through a very time efficient process with so much of the planning/calculation work already done for me!"

Jenny E.

It can even track CHORES

"I think [My School Year] is awesome and we will be joining as well. It can even track CHORES!!!!!!. I highly recommend it for homeschooling with kids of all ages!!!"

Erica R.

Thanks again for a great product

"I just wanted to say thanks for your product. I just made it through my first homeschool portfolio review in [my state], and your program made me appear super organized and professional. I was able to meet the documentation requirements with ease. Thanks again for a great product that was well worth the money I spent."

Naima C.


"I completed an entire years worth of assignments for two classes in under 30 minutes. I am stoked that my lessons are planned and assigned before the first week of school."

Julie C.

Totally Awesome Feature

"One totally awesome feature is that first thing on Monday morning I get an email listing the weeks schedule! That's right, it's automatically sent to my inbox and I can quickly print off a weeks worth of lesson plans with one click."

Joesette H.

As easy as filling in the blanks

"It's really just as easy as filling in the blanks. I was able to create an entire year's worth of lessons in about 10 minutes."

Missica P.

Incredibly helpful

"My School Year has been incredibly helpful in planning and tracking my son's work."

Jennifer D.

I love love love the status bar

"I love love love the status bar! Great idea! (Referring to our graphical display of completed lesson plans)".

Janine K.

Wish I had found this years ago

"This is a much better product than what I was using previously. Wish I had found this years ago! But glad I found it now."

Phyllis C.

Huge asset

"I just love My School Year. It has been a huge asset to our home schooling."

Jamie L.

I love the new features

"My School Year has been more and more helpful to me as time goes on. I love the new features!"

Carole T.

Wonderful, inexpensive tool

"I've been using My School Year now since September 2011. I homeschool four kids and this is the first year I've really been motivated to faithfully keep up with grading. Our kids really like having their schedules for the week and beg to be scheduled first. :) It helps them know what is expected of them for the week. Thanks for creating this wonderful, inexpensive tool!"

Michaela A.

Leading Homeschooling Resources

And not just from our clients, we get rave reviews from other trusted homeschool resources.

Free first month

"I like the fact that you allow people to have a free month first and that the yearly cost is very reasonable. I like the fact that there are lots of videos that give complete instructions for any people that are a bit technically challenged :)"

Clean and simple design

"...the clean and simple design of My School Year [is] a breath of fresh air. Though this program is flexible and provides plenty of options, it is not overwhelming. The scope is impressive, especially considering the simplicity of the design. Building portfolios and transcripts becomes a clean click of a button. With other programs I've tried in the past, I've spent hours scouring through help forums and emailing back and forth with technicians. The only assistance I ever needed with this program was in changing my password."

The Old Schoolhouse

Video tutorials

"My School Year offers different tools to make creating lesson plans easy...One of the strongest selling points for My School Year is its support options."

Perfect assistant to your classroom

"My School Year is the perfect assistant to your classroom. Your very own teacher’s aid -– keeping you organized and allowing you the time to focus on your most important subject -- your student(s)!" Favorite Company