Record Keeping with My School Year

My School Year has tons of useful features to make your homeschooling more organized, more efficient, and more focused. Check out all of our great features and reasons to make your homeschool record keeping and tracking stress-free and easier than ever.

The following video tour is for My School Year - Family Edition.


  • Automated Grading
    The system automatically calculates the student's class average once a lesson is completed.
  • Lesson Plan Generators
    Our Create-A-Plan lesson generator will create your lessons in bulk. You can track anything and everything easily. Check out our Rapid Repeat and Quick Split samples.
  • Lesson Rescheduler
    Running behind or even ahead? Reschedule any or all lessons for your student.
  • Attendance Tracking
    Our system can automatically keep track of your student's attendance and/or hours. No effort required.
  • Lesson Sharing
    Save valuable time by finding, copying and sharing lesson plans.


  • Dashboard
    The Homeroom gives you easy access to see EVERYTHING going on with your student's school year.
  • "Quick Record" QR Codes
    Lesson Plan reports display an optional "Quick Reocord" QR Code that gives you direct access to that lesson to quickly make changes or mark complete.
  • Extra-Curricular & Awards
    Record all the student's organizational, social, academic, and work involvements and never forget an accolade your student receives.
  • Standardized Tests
    Know thy test scores. A Must-Have for college and job applications.
  • Reading Logs/Lists
    Plan and record past, current, and future books your student has read or will read.



  • Email Notifications
    You and/or student can recevie your daily and weekly lessons via email.
  • Planbook
    Your daily planner and grade book. Quickly search, filter, sort, and manage all your lessons in one place.
  • Grading Scales/Weights
    Grading Scales: Set the ranges that constitutes the class grade (e.g., A+, B, C-, etc). Or use our standardized and widely accepted scales.

    Grade Weights: Customize the grade percentages for tests, assignments, projects, and other assignment types that comprise the final class grade.
  • Display Grades
    Choose whether you want to display number grades, letter grades, or pass/fail. You can even mix/match lesson grades - we handle that too!
  • Student Logins
    Allow your students to login and view/manage their records like marking lessons "complete". You control the student's permissions and access levels (None, View Only, Full Access) as well as alerts to monitor their activity.
  • Classes
    Set numerous options and class designations like Honors, Dual Credit, Core/Elective and more.


  • Toll-Free & Email Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • FAQs and Guides
  • On-Page Help
  • Social Media Tips/Tricks
  • Ad-Free
    We focus on YOU and YOUR NEEDS, and not advertisers. Ad free also provides a safe, non-distracting environment.

My School Year proves its claims!

"I was excited to see a product that claimed it could [do recordkeeping and tracking] for me in 5 minutes or less. My School Year does just that! "

Missca P.

I love this program!

"I love this program because of how simple it is to use and set up."

Crystal A.

SUPER easy!

"I have to say it was SUPER easy and looks completely professional!! I will take the time to sit down and enter everything just so I can make his transcripts. It will be worth it!."

Tasha B.