Why do I need records?
My state doesn't require me.

That's NOT why you keep records.

It is imperative to keep good, solid records for your children's future and your freedom to homeschool. It goes beyond just what the State requires.

We invite you to read the reasons for keeping homeschool records.

Why bother with online record-keeping?
I use pen & paper.

No problem. We complement you.

We are not asking you to stop using pen and paper or paper and pencil. We are here to complement your tracking system. We provide a permanancy and predictability and re-usability to your homeschool records that paper just cannot.

Learn more about using paper and pen with our online record keeping system.

Why choose My School Year?
Read some of the benefits of membership below...

We are the only 100% mobile friendly record keeping system.

And why does that matter to you? Every single feature, every single student, every single record is 100% accessible on any device like a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

This means while you wait for an appointment or in your car for dance practice, soccer tryouts, swim meets, or co-op classes, you can access your homeschool records and be even more productive with your time!

We offer a

And we offer complete access to the entire range of features during the free trial of the family edition.

We are the only ones to offer a PRICE LOCK GUARANTEE, which means as long as you're a annual, family edition member, your price is guaranteed to NEVER increase.

We don't sell ad space.

Our focus is on our members and your needs. Plus, we don't sell, rent, or lease your email to anyone. As long as you are on the My School Year website, you will not be distracted or enticed by inappropriate ads and links.

We have been around since 2002.

So we know about long-term record-keeping and the ever evolving needs of homeschool tracking. We are also a homeschooling family of 10. We use the system too!

Why are you waiting?
You've got nothing to lose and only organization to gain!

Love the ease of the grading!

"I really like it for record keeping. I love the ease of the grading"

Beth B.

SUPER easy!

"This is a well designed and well thought out program...I [am] impressed with the Teachers Aid - it provided reminders and prompts that helped with the site navigation, it also sensed when I missed entering a piece of information or grade and alerted me so I could stay on top of things."

Zelda A.

I love this program!

"I found this easy to set up and get started. For a digital option to work for me, it needs to be as easy or easier to use than a paper planner – this is."

Katie S.